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Take a Number Ranks of Scientists Aging Faster Than Other Workers. The percentage of scientists aged 55 and older nearly doubled from 1993 to 2008, amid concerns that young researchers are getting crowded out. Susanna Reid shares no make-up selfie ahead of GMB return. Susanna Reid proved she was a natural beauty underneath all the layers of slap, sharing a striking no make-up selfie ahead of her return price Polo to Good Morning Britain on Tuesday. Jennifer Love Hewitt shops make-up free with daughter. The 38-year-old actress stepped out with her three-year-old daughter for a shopping trip in Los Angeles on Monday. The star has not posted on Twitter since January and has kept a low profile. It's about time-TTPM's Silver on Mattel's new Barbies. Toy industry expert Jim Silver, CEO of TTPM talks about Mattel's new Barbies which will come in petite, tall and curvy and how they will impact falling barbie sales. Bobbi Rebell reports. Damning figures on Australia's domestic violence problem. Most Australian what is made from women and girls who end up in hospital being treated after an assault have been attacked by their partners, a disturbing new report shop Erfahrung has found. Arkansas to pursue executions despite court stay. Arkansas' attorney general and governor are vowing to pursue a series of executions scheduled over the next two weeks even after the state's Supreme Court halted the first two lethal injections hours before they were to take place. Detectives return to Adelaide pond where woman drowned. A search of Veale Gardens on South Terrace in ongoing as police continue their investigation into the unexplained death of Helen Dansie, who drowned on Easter Sunday,.

Carrie Underwood sings National anthem at the Stanley Cup. Carrie Underwood blew the audience away with her rendition of the National anthem on Monday evening. Two pensioners square up in a fight outside a care home. Two pensioners squared up for a fight on a patch of grass near their care home in Hebburn, near Newcastle, but it ended with the pair scrabbling around on the ground looking one for glasses. International Real Estate House Hunting in ... Cape Town. In Cape Town, the strongest real estate market in generic launch date South Africa, housing demand is high and prices are up. Prince Harry is breaking taboos - just like his mother. On that sombre day 20 years ago, no mourner discount at cvs Princess Dianas funeral looked more vulnerable or more alone than 12-year-old Prince Harry as he walked behind his mothers coffin.

Plumes From Saturns Moon Enceladus Hint That It Could Support Life. Data from the Cassini spacecraft suggest that hydrothermal vents could provide ingredients for microbes or other forms of alien life to exist. Tiny predator is Top Gun of the insect world. A tiny fly, the size of a cost 500 mg grain of rice, could be the Top Gun of the insect world after Cambridge scientists identified its remarkable ability to detect and intercept its prey mid-air, as Stuart McDill reports. Benchmark's Bill Gurley on writing "Above the Crowd". Gurley explains the through process of his writing and what he hopes to achieve with it. Once preposterous, now immediate; Margaret Atwood on 'Handmaid's Tale'. NEW YORK - Margaret Atwood did not have any creative control over the latest adaptation of her dystopian novel "The Handmaid's Tale," but she was what drugs limit effectiveness very clear what she didn't want.

Chimpanzee cleans the teeth of her dead son in Zambia. Researchers from the University of St Andrews filmed a chimpanzee in Zambia called Noel cleaning the teeth of her dead son. The footage may shed light on how humans evolved mortuary practices.

Modern Love You May Want to Marry My Husband. After learning she doesnt have long to live, a woman composes a dating profile for the man she will leave behind. General election 2017 will be momentous says PETER OBORNE. Though it may have taken some time, Theresa May has finally woken up and seen sense, writes PETER OBORNE. She had repeatedly ruled out even the possibility of calling a General Election. Wed be better off without American Airlines - Felix TV. Loose seats. Disrupted flights. Damning headlines. Its been a terrible week for American Airlines. Reuters blogger Felix Salmon explains why flying American and other big carriers has become such a drag. (October 4, 2012). South Sudan ex-rebels release UN hostages in DR Congo. South Sudanese former rebels on Tuesday released 16 UN staff after holding them hostage for several hours in a camp in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo,... Inspiration for 'Contact' still listening. From a remote valley in Northern California, Jill Tarter is listening to the universe.

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