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I have noticed many players that were not any good at certain games so instead of finishing the game, they would become frustrated and quit. This bad habit many times is carried over into real life when they experience something that seems too hard, so they quit and walk away. They can not take the pressure.

Twenty-two percent of American men without college degrees have not worked at all in the last 12 months
, according to The Economist, and a small but significant number may have dropped out of the workforce entirely and now spend their days playing video games.

Until recently, economists thought that these unemployed men were mostly watching TV or using drugs. They're not raising kids or doing housework, as far as economists can tell - men notoriously do less housework even when they are unemployed
, data show.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways in which the Wii makes exercise with video games effective and fun. It is also easier to stick with than most exercise programs because the Wii makes it easy to track your progress and feel like you are accomplishing something. Being able to see the small milestones you cross along the way to the big ones is an important key in maintaining your motivation to keep working out.

When getting stuck in particular areas of video games, gamers will search a variety of web sites to find the cheat codes that they are looking for to complete the most difficult video games. Of course, on several of these web sites cheat codes are submitted by other fellow gamers that have either figured a cheat code out on their own or have found the cheat code on another gaming web site. Normally, gamers can find these cheat codes listed by the different video gaming system used and then by the type of video game, which makes looking for the cheat code desired much more convenient for gamers. Another added convenience for gamers is that when these cheat codes are released they have been tested for their accuracy and ability.

The Wii makes it fun to exercise with video games in a few different ways. By providing you with a wide variety of exercises to choose from, the Burn Nintendo Wii Games (4X4Nordic.Com) makes it possible for you to add some diversity to your routine. You do not need to do the same exercises in the same order every day as you would if you were following along to an exercise video. The game also keeps track of your favorites so that you can find them easily and records your high scores so that you can easily measure your improvement in individual areas.

If they are not working, how do these young men eat? We-the parents and relatives-feed them. When they are in our basements, they come up for food from time to time and raid our refrigerators. I have no information on whether or not they are showering.

If you haven't seen it: go see it
. It's funny and stylish and doesn't take itself too seriously and it's got a killer soundtrack. Did I mention the talking raccoon? He's actually a mess-talking raccoon.

Since I recently wrote about the worst of the worst video game movies, I thought I'd give credit to the ones that don't make you want to gouge your eyes out. Here are my picks for the "best" video game movies ever made:

I have played video games all my life and as I have gotten older I purposely play video games less and less. I purposely try to find other wholesome things to do with my time than wasting it on playing video games. Video games have a tendency to effect every gamer differently but in many ways the same. Do not get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy playing video games but I do not want to become entrapped by them again. Here are 3 negative effects of video games that I personally experienced.

Courtesy of Paramount PicturesThis is purely a matter of taste, but as far as I'm concerned, there aren't any good (theatrically released) movies based on video games. For one reason or another, every one of them falls apart somehow.

I remember when I was younger I was heavily involved in playing video games. I would stay up all night with the boys playing games, trying to beat the high score. Once we decided to put the controllers down you would think the video game stops but it doesnt. It continues on inside your head. If you are at work or in school you can not wait to get back home to play again. You can not think about anything else but trying to figure out new moves or learn new tricks to beat the game or your friends.

As Eurogamer's Tom Philips reports
, the team at Eidos Montreal that was previously responsible for the "Deus Ex" franchise is being put to work on a new "Guardians of the Galaxy" game. It sounds like the game is still far from complete - Eidos Montreal is reportedly helping out on a new game based on "The Avengers" before getting to work on the "Guardians" game.

There are very few avid video gamers that do not know what a cheat code is or has never used a cheat code while playing video games. Cheat codes are terrific for any video gamer that desires to add a little zing to video games in which they have already defeated. Cheat codes allow video gamers the ability to unlock hidden items or with video games involving sports often times hidden teams within the video game itself. Some times cheat codes will allow the difficulty of video games to become harder so that video gamers will become much more interesting for the more advanced gamer.

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