How Does It Works

Now we will  explain how easy you can use Machine Id DLL with very easy steps.

* Download Machine ID DLL.

*Add reference to this DLL in your project.

*Import  two name spaces Machine  And Machine.MachineInfo.

* Create object for MachineInfo.

* Create object for  hardware information.

* Retrieve  the information for the hardware part or Machine ID or Activation code.


Imports Machine
Imports Machine.MachineInfo

Public Class DisplayMachineId

    Private Sub DisplayMachineId_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
        'Creating machine object
        Dim MyMachine As MachineInfo = New MachineInfo


        ' Dimension array of all  HardDisks Information in the computer.
        Dim MyHardDisks() As HardDiskIfo
        'Fill HardDisk Information object
        MyHardDisks = MyMachine.HardDisks
        'Assigning the first Hard Disk Model to its TextBox

        TxtHardDiskModel.Text = MyHardDisks(0).model


        'Dimension Components  information for Computer ID contains eight components.
        Dim MyId As MachineidComponentsInfo
        'Fill MachineID component information object.
        MyId = MyMachine.MachineIdComponents
        'Assigning  the eight Machine ID component  to its corresponding TextBox
        TxtMIComponent1.Text = MyId.Component1
        TxtMIComponent2.Text = MyId.Component2
        TxtMIComponent3.Text = MyId.Component3
        TxtMIComponent4.Text = MyId.Component4
        TxtMIComponent5.Text = MyId.Component5
        TxtMIComponent6.Text = MyId.Component6
        TxtMIComponent7.Text = MyId.Component7
        TxtMIComponent8.Text = MyId.Component8

'**************************Machine Activation Code***********************

        ' Dimension component information for Activation Code contains eight components.
        Dim MyActivation As MachineActivationComponentsInfo
        'Fill Activation code component information object.It takes four strings parameters to have variety for Activation Code for different versions.
        MyActivation = MyMachine.MachineActivationComponents("TypeAnyText", "TypeAnyText", "TypeAnyText", "TypeAnyText")
        'Assigning  the eight Activation Code components  to their corresponding TextBox.
        TxtMAComponent1.Text = MyActivation.Component1
        TxtMAComponent2.Text = MyActivation.Component2
        TxtMAComponent3.Text = MyActivation.Component3
        TxtMAComponent4.Text = MyActivation.Component4
        TxtMAComponent5.Text = MyActivation.Component5
        TxtMAComponent6.Text = MyActivation.Component6
        TxtMAComponent7.Text = MyActivation.Component7
        TxtMAComponent8.Text = MyActivation.Component8

    End Sub 

End Class

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